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Comcast/NBC U Domain Déjà vu: An Update

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Since I noted the problem of website cyber-squatting as it relates to the NBC Universal-Comcast acquisition two weeks ago, the deal has marched slowly forward, while the name of the new venture remains a mystery.

But a Twitter conversation, started by Variety’s Michael Schneider (@franklinavenue) and former B&C‘er turned Los Angeles Times media maven Joe Flint (@jbflint) has spurred me on to take another look. What other domains has Comcast been eyeing?

Sure, Comcast (apparently) owns ComcastNBCU.com and NBCUComcast.com.

And since my blog they beat the cybersquatters and snapped up ComcastNBCUniversal.com (though not NBCUniversalComcast.com, hmmmm).

Also apparently registered by the company is ComcastUniversal.com and UniversalComcast.com. Who needs NBC!

Oh, and per the suggestion of the Masked Scheduler (@maskedscheduler), ComZuckerVersal.com is available! Buy now!!

Any other suggestions for possible names of the new company?