COLLEGE: Was Studio 60 Worth Another Order?


NBC, I admire your patience. While I’m thrilled that Friday Night Lights and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip are going to be on for a little longer, last night’s episode of Studio 60 makes me think the show will only continue to sink in viewers.

Last night’s episode was verging into Nip/Tuck territory of absurdity. OK, nothing verges into Nip/Tuck absurdity, but it was certainly lacking in the “snappy and smart” department. There was some good writing here and there, but not enough to forgive the many awkward moments. Can we talk about the President of NBC forcibly crushing the young girl’s digital camera? That was just bizarre. What about Danny asking the flight attendant if her salad making was slowing down the plane? I thought these characters were supposed to be dry, not cutesy. That was not even as pain-inducing as the sanctimonious, Sorkin-esque conclusion. My mind wandered as John Goodman began to deliver an overly preachy…I mean “greatly climactic”, rant that all–too–neatly solved everything.

And these are my smaller gripes. When the show first began, I was enthralled, but now I don’t buy for a second that this sketch show would be a massive hit. When it comes down to it, Aaron Sorkin can be bitingly hilarious, but he cannot write sketch comedy. At all. Since we usually only see them rehearsing the sketches, I could understand if they weren’t supposed to be hilarious, but the other characters are always smiling or laughing. This is the show’s way of telling their viewers, “This is funny, you should laugh.” Um, no thanks. I’m happy NBC is giving the show a chance, but now Studio 60 has to show them they made the right decision.

By Intern Gordie Steiner