COLLEGE: How Students Really Catch What They Missed on TV


Juggling schoolwork and a TV viewing schedule isn’t easy. Sometimes sacrifices must be made ¯ whether it’s putting off studying to catch a Laguna Beach marathon or skipping a night class to watch Grey’s Anatomy with 30 other college students. In the case that work comes before TV, sometimes we have to give up primetime programming and hit the books. But where do we go after we miss a show? The word “VCR” seems to have fallen out of everyone’s vocabulary, and recording shows on DVD is pricey and apparently too difficult. In the case of college students, BitTorrent, DC++, and LimeWire are the first source to turn to.

Rather than plopping a tape in the VCR and hitting record, students spend hours waiting for episodes to download on their peer-to-peer file sharing programs. Even better than a VCR are the episodes that free and legal up on the network’s websites. Instead of instantly viewable and practically commercial free videos, students are still searching for the latest Lost episode on LimeWire. Even searching YouTube for recent episodes is a more common solution, where users often upload shows…which usually taken down within a day or two. So why aren’t more people turning to network websites?

Some shows simply aren’t shown online. Missed The Office or Brothers & Sisters? Too bad. Unfortunately, students are forced to turn to LimeWire or (God forbid) iTunes and actually pay for an episode. But for the shows that are online, students are still unaware they can watch them there and when they do go to the websites, they aren’t that easy to find. got it right with innertube, which is easily accessible and highly addictive, while ABC and FOX’s websites remain a little more confusing.

By Intern Emeritus Gordie Steiner