'Class' Dismissed


CBS's new sitcom The Class ,is difficult to describe. No it isn't, it's easy to describe in one word: History. If not now, soon, and for the rest of its life.

The show's premise is not even a one-trick pony, it's a half-trick pony, which is that we get to see an elementary school class all grown up into people it is incredibly hard to care about.

I could go through a litany of reasons, from the uneven dialogue to the contrived relationships to the curious characters, but I won't.

To be fair, it is not aimed at me. It is aimed at probably an 18-34-year-old. Well, I asked an almost-18-year-old of my acquaintance and she couldn't take it either.

I'm not sure I have seen a show firing on fewer cylinders out of the gate. It was almost painfully unfunny. No it was painfully unfunny

But, hey, maybe it's just me.

By John Eggerton