Chuck: NBC


"The real-world intrigue is matched in dramatic flair by Chuck-world jeopardy. His store’s fierce assistant-manager competition resounds as fatefully as saving the universe from evil. Which makes the dark light enough and the light dark enough to meld into a tasty escapist treat." (Newsday) "The comedy-adventure isn’t nearly as flashy as “Heroes.” This is a quiet little show that has the potential to be a quiet little hit." (Knoxville News-Sentinel) "if the premise and execution remind you of teen-aimed movies with similar setups and characters, at least it should remind you of the good ones, not the lame-o’s. "Chuck" cheerfully brightens up NBC’s Monday night of video fantastique and does it in a pretty magnifique way." (Washington Post) "Could he save the world? Doubtful. But he may rescue an otherwise dreary new season. And that’s a power to envy." (USA Today) One reason "Chuck" succeeds is because it gets the details right. The bosses lording it over Chuck’s equipment-repair Nerd Herd, the needy friendship of Chuck’s buddy (played by Joshua Gomez), the stifling but well-meaning protectiveness of Chuck’s sister (Sarah Lancaster) - all the details of Chuck’s life are just right. "Chuck" is a winner. My guess is that the ratings will proclaim it one, too." (NY Daily News) "But for reasons too obvious to bother with, NBC managed to take a really terrific and fun premiere and somehow let it morph over the following episodes into just another take-it-or-leave-it show. In fact, by the third episode I found myself hitting the "display" button every two minutes to see how just how much longer it would go on." (NY Post) "Where Schwartz’s other new series, Gossip Girl, could use more of the humor he brought to The O.C., Chuck does a great job capturing the wit and self-awareness Schwartz’s previous series contained." (IGN)

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