Chip Bowl Delivers

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I was watching a lengthy commercial for Tostitos brand snacks when one of the most exciting college football games ever televised broke out.

The Fiesta bowl was the most branded bowl full of chips I have ever encountered. There was the signage everywhere, the half-time event where a guy tossed a football through the gaping maw of a Tositos bag for charity, and the even the coin toss was not between "heads" and "tails" but between "Tostitos" and "tails."

I swear one of the anchor team even referred to the Fed Ex Orange Bowl on Tuesday night as part of the Tostitos BCS Bash lineup, but I must have been hearing things.

On the upside, the Tostitos people came up with some clever new ads to sandwich inbetween the plugs.

And the game–Boise beat mighty Oklahoma in a nail-biting, cliff-hanging overtime thriller 42 41–could not have been scripted any better for keeping football fans glued to Fox for hours past its normal 10 p.m. Sunday night sign-off.

By John Eggerton