A Chilly Reception Outside News Corp.


WGA (and a few SAG) members picketed outside of News Corp. headquarters in midtown Manhattan today. Unlike the huge protests at Rockefeller Plaza earlier this week and the star studded affair at Time Warner Center yesterday, the picketing outside of Fox’s HQ was a more low key affair.

Chilly, windy weather and a light drizzle made for an unpleasant afternoon, and the barricaded area seemed more like a stable than a designated “free speech” zone. Despite the weather and the cramped quarters, the strikers made a statement to those walking by, albeit one that pales in comparison to the massive turnout at News Corp. west coast HQ today.

Tourists who were visiting Rockefeller Center made it a point to walk a few blocks to see if they could spot any recognizable faces. No such luck when I was there.

Building security told gawkers that were perceived to be on News Corp. property that they could not take photos, a problem remedied simply by walking on the street or the edge of the sidewalk and taking them there, though the photos didn’t turn out as good (Coming when I find a USB cable).

Bagged lunches from Pax were ready to go for hungry writers, “Beats Dunkin” one said to the volunteer as he took a bag.

Perhaps it was the nasty weather, or the cramped space, or just a long week of picketing without any budging by the two parties, (or all of the above) but there was a distinct lack of energy on the line compared to the vocal affairs of the past few days.

At least they had an inflatable pig in a top hat, courtesy of the Teamsters.