Chicago Shows WFLD the Love


WFLD Chicago chief meteorologist Amy Freeze–maybe it’s the 5th grader in me, but that name cracks me up every time I type it–scored some points with viewers when the Windy City got even windier over the weekend. Viewers sounded off after the Fox O&O aired a 75-minute special report Saturday on the severe weather that hit Northern Illinois, shooting thankful emails to Freeze and colleague Mark Strehl

Thank you for the EXCELLENT job of covering and reporting the big storm this afternoon and early evening. Mark (and the rest of the staff) did a WONDERFUL job of keeping us abreast of the storm minute by minute and mile by mile. Other stations were running the usual — politics, sports, etc. — with a little storm map in the corner of the screen. YOU were watching out for US!!! Thank you and God bless you all. You are to be commended. We are in Chicago Heights. My cousin in Chicago called to check on us and also commented on your excellent coverage. Thanks again. 
–Victoria Mancini


Just a viewer wanting to say thanks for fantastic coverage of tonight’s tornado, even simulcasting on My 50. Thanks for keeping us informed and safe. You all should be proud of the job you did. Other stations may SAY they are Chicago’s news leader, but tonight you guys SHOWED who REALLY is.

It appears the CAPS LOCK function is almost as popular in Chicago as Freeze.