Chevy Super Spot Most Viewed Ever


This year’s Super Bowl was not only the most-watched event in television history, it also produced the most-watched TV commercial ever.

According to Nielsen, a commercial for Chevrolet’s Camaro was seen by an estimated 119,628,000 viewers, topping the previous record holder, a Doritos spot in the 2010 Super Bowl. The Camaro ad featured two guys describing a woman’s wild ride in the car. (See the video below)

Sounds like they might have gotten their $3 million worth.

There was good news for Doritos as well. The spot featuring a dog knocking down a glass door to get at the chips was the most-recalled spot of the game, Nielsen said.

Viewers’ favorite ad of the game, according to Nielsen, was the little Vader ad for the Volkswagen Passat.

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Meanwhile, long-time TV researcher Steve Sternberg notes that commercial clutter in this year’s Super Bowl game was down from last year.

Sternberg says that Fox’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLV devoted 26% of its total time to commercials and promos–less than the average prime time series. In last year’s game on CBS, commercials and promos accounted for 29% of the broadcast. He notes that last year’s game was unusually short and high on a lot of promos.

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