'Chappelle' No Laughing Matter


By Scotty C. the Intern.

Premiering Sunday, Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes is Comedy Central’s desperate attempt to squeeze as much money out of the show as possible. After two hugely successful seasons and Dave’s subsequent departure, this is all they have left to deliver to a demanding mass. Viewers will absolutely eat it up, because the sketches are as funny as they have ever been–especially Dave, after getting his big new contract, seeking revenge on all who’ve wronged him, including an ex-girlfriend, a casting agent, and a comedy club owner.

But as funny as they are, you’re left feeling like there’s something missing. Like Dave. Cast members Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings do a good job of filling in between skits, but they don’t make you feel as comfortable as Dave did about what you were just laughing at. And it feels cheap when they say “we’ll be right back with more Chappelle’s Show” with no Chappelle in sight.

Most people will love The Lost Episodes and they’ll snatch up the uncensored DVD that’s coming out July 25. But the whole thing left me feeling cold. I hope both Comedy Central and Dave are happy with their decisions.