CBS Streams Katie on uStream


CBS News has worked out a deal with uStream to simulcast news and special reports on the live video Website, reports the NY Times. The hope is that uStream will help CBS News reach a younger audience with CBS Evening News and other news programs.

But affiliates may be less than psyched about the prospect of losing more eyeballs to the web.

Sean McManus said CBS is looking to create as many access points as possible for its news content.

What we’ve realized is that, as opposed to just keeping all your content on your own Web site in a proprietary manner, we are better off pushing our own news content to as many sources as we can,” Sean McManus, the president of CBS News, said.

Mr. McManus added an important caveat: revenue. Media companies are increasingly willing to spread their video far and wide, but usually only if advertisements are attached. CBS said it would sell the ads on Ustream.