Caught By 'Kidnapped'; Held by 'House'


I caught the end of Kidnapped on NBC last night and I think that show could grow on me.

I know nothing about the techniques of shooting a show, but the camera work made an impression on me, so I think it must be at least a notch above standard fare. And there is a chemistry among the male leads, the "official" hunters–FBI–and the lone wolf bounty hunter, the bounty being people.

It doesn't hurt that it has Dana Delaney, either, who gives new meaning to the term growing older gracefully–OK, smashingly.

I also caught the beginning of House, actually a tape–yes, I tape, or somebody else does for me because–oh, never mind. Anyway, I was watching House and was reminded again what a terrific show that still is.

Yes, it can be bloody and I have been opining on the sanguinity of TV lately, but top-flight writing and acting trumps that criticism, as does does the misanthropic twist on the standard "doctor as selfless healer" that is the TV standard since Ben Casey and Dr. Kildare first donned their scrubs.

By John Eggerton