The Catholic League vs. Lewis Black


Daily Show contributor and stand-up comedian Lewis Black debuted his new show Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil last night to generallypositive reviews. But there was at least one viewer who was not amused.

For the premiere episode, the subject up for debate was which is more evil: The Catholic Church or Oprah Winfrey. Everyone’s favorite media critic Bill Donahue, president of The Catholic League, was positively incensed at the idea. “The only thing connecting this wild-swinging tirade was hate,” said Donahue in a statement attacking the show.

Unfortunately, his criticisms of Root of All Evil amounted to little more than a tu quoque logical fallacy, essentially justifying the actions of the church in response to allegations of molestation by saying ‘other people are worse,’ and bizarrely claiming that Black is scared to go after radical Islam, which he says is worse than The Inquisition.

Please keep in mind, the quotes below are coming straight from the Catholic League.

“No group in the U.S. sexually molests minors more than public school teachers; their rate is estimated to be 100 times that of Catholic priests. Moreover, the teachers unions still make it near impossible to fire a molesting teacher. Yet it wasn’t the public school industry that was labeled evil by the show, it was the Catholic Church.”

“Radical Muslims behead their enemies, real and contrived, terrorize non-combatants, run planes into buildings, shoot nuns in the back, kidnap and kill bishops, burn churches to the ground, legally murder those who want to convert, but no one associated with Lewis Black’s show has the guts to get them. So instead they rip the Catholic Church for its role during the Inquisition. And that role, if truth be told, was miniscule compared to the role of the civil authorities. Indeed, the role of the Catholic Church back then, as compared to the role of radical Muslims today, was positively angelic.”

Got it kids? Teachers are more likely to molest children than priests, and the Inquisition was nothing compared to what radical Muslims are doing, so why the hell are comedians on a cable channel daring to make fun of us?

I will leave it to readers to rip Donahue to shreds for any factual errors he may have made in those statements

Comedy Central has only broadcast one show, so calling out Black for not tackling the topics is absurd on its face, he will have plenty of other opportunities. And, if I may… it’s a comedy show on a comedy network, not NBC Nightly News.

And yet I can’t shake the feeling that maybe Bill Donahue wants attention, and that by writing this, I am giving that to him.

Oh well, c’est la vie.

(Image: Comedy Central/Evans Ward)