Capitol Braces For Winter Weekend


Washington was in major snow panic mode Friday (Feb. 5), this time at least with some reason.

While the area often appears to overreact to even a hint of a flake, the 18-24 inches predicted was enough to start closing things down for real.

According to a memo from the Energy & Commerce Committee, the FCC’s planned broadband briefing scheduled for 2 p.m. on Friday has been put off until Feb. 9.

The FCC’s broadband staffers have been briefing the commissioners on various aspects of the plan over the past week, and the plan was to brief committee staffers on the national purposes portion of the play, which includes health, education, public safety and the economy.

There had also been a planned briefing Friday on an issue near and dear to broadcasters’ hearts–spectrum policy. But it is a safe bet that one has been postponed as well.

Elsewhere, Candy Crowley, who Sunday takes the helm of CNN’s State of the Union show from John King, was packing Friday, according to an interview on WTOP radio in Washington. She lives in Maryland, but needs to make sure she is downtown on Sunday morning, a trek that would be problematic at best, particularly given that snow-removal budgets in the area have been depleted by unusually heavy snows.