Cancun Remembers Anna-Nicole

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With its all-you-can-drink resorts and clubs featuring an array of wet t-shirt contests, Mexican beach destination Cancun isn’t exactly the pinnacle of taste. And with its copy a cross between Borat and the hapless narrator from Everything Is Illuminated, the free daily newspaper Cancun Today is hardly the apogee of journalistic prowess. (A typical line reads something like “Cancun is full of the choicest of fun things to tickle the mind and heart and make the whole family joyous with happy.”

Still, I was surprised to see the cover headline in yesterday’s issue: “Anna-Nicole Finally Laid.”

Was it an unfortunate ESL blunder, a tasteless shot at humor, or an editing error that cut the headline off prematurely? I’m guessing the former, but either way, maybe they could hire spring-breakers to proofread before going to print. Pay ‘em in bottles of Dos Equis and shots of Cuervo.

By Michael Malone