Cable Show 2009: Recession? Not at Wealth TV


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If you’ve been agonizing over your depleted 401k instead of savoring a masterfully-rolled fine cigar, Wealth TV is hoping to change that.  Attendees at this year’s Cable Show will be treated to a demonstration from world record cigar roller Frank Ruiz, who Wealth TV is flying in from Columbia exclusively for the event. In addition, the channel is handing out 1500 free cigars at the show in D.C.

“Fine cigars speak well to our brand,” said Charles Herring, president of Wealth TV in an interview with B&C.  Wealth is also exhibiting a bright red Ferrari F430 and a Lamborghini Gallardo at the show.

If it sounds a little distasteful to flaunt such luxury in this recessionary time, Herring disagrees.  For Wealth TV, it’s all in the name of escapism.

“One of the nice things about Wealth TV is we offer a vicarious living aspect,” said Herring, adding that the channel promotes an “informative, all-inviting” atmosphere to attract viewers interested in fine living regardless of their economic status.

And frugal times for most are boom times for Wealth TV, according to Herring. The channel is seeing increased viewership as more Americans who are spending (and working) less find themselves at home and in front of the TV set, though the channel was vague on actual numbers of increased viewers.

“We are firm believers that a lot of people turn on TV to escape to enjoy the finer living,” Herring said, though he says his channel is “very aware of the economy, as everybody is.”

But no matter what your feelings on Wealth TV or the fact that people are watching it more now that they have considerably less wealth, you have to be impressed with Ruiz, a guy who once constructed a 58 foot 4 inch cigar.

“We’re literally flying him in for this event,” said Herring. “Which I just find unbelievable.”