C-SPAN Airing FCC Indecency Hearing Now!


Hey, decency/indecency fans. Right now on C-SPAN (10:17 a.m. at this point) C-SPAN is running the U.S. Court of Appeals hearing in which Fox and NBC argue that "fleeting expletives" ought not be deemed indecent, as the FCC did, now in three instances. Right now, Carter Phillips, Fox's attorney, is addressing the three-judge panel. If  I had to do instant analysis, which I'm going to do right now, I'd say the court is about to give the FCC a pretty hard time. In short, they're not seeing the commission's rationale by a wide, wide mile. Put it on. If you can't it airs again tonight on C-Span at 9:15 EST. 
–By P.J. Bednarski