Bruno Cohen 'Parachutes' in to 'The House That Joe Built'


The ChicagoTribune has an interesting take on the mission at hand for new WBBM Chicago boss Bruno Cohen, who most recently was running the CBS duopoly in Sacramento. 

"At this point in my career, I love parachuting in and discovering what the situation is, creating my own point of view, communicating that to the people involved and trying to get everybody to go in one direction," he tells Phil Rosenthal. "If the direction I determine works, then we’re going to be successful. If it doesn’t, then I guess they’ll fly in the next guy.

Cohen also joked that he was pleased to inherit former GM Joe Ahern’s shower and private suite at the new station headquarters, but acknowledges that the fancy digs won’t boost ratings a single point. 

Rosenthal offers insights as to why Ahern was unable to get WBBM moving in the right direction after six years. "What ultimately doomed Ahern, who was bounced Tuesday from the TV palace he put up across from Daley Plaza, is that both pricey overhauls took too long and didn’t increase long-sagging viewership soon enough."

Ahern was gracious as he departed the CBS O&O. "I don’t have any regrets," he said. "I’m grateful for every single day that I’ve had, and for the future as well."