Brother-ly Love


There’s trashy TV, and then there’s trashy TV done right. Big Brother: All Stars falls into that elusive second category. Fourteen “All Stars” entered the Big Brother house to deceive, beguile, and battle it out for half a million dollars, and last night the spectacle continued. While the show is by no means the classiest of reality programs, anyone who has watched the show will know that it truly defines “guilty pleasure.” Part of the fun is watching the robotic host, Julie Chen, frequently slip up and become frazzled whenever the houseguests surprise her. She may not have the sharp humor of, say, Ryan Seacrest, but it’s hard not to love the Chenbot and her famous overuse of “But first!”…watch it in action here:

Alison, the self-proclaimed hooker, is facing off against Danielle, the low-laying conniver. Since the Power of Veto was not used last night, one of them will be leaving the house tomorrow. Alison’s seditious tactics are in full force as she pleads, promises and dupes the housemates into keeping her in the game. Although Danielle’s company is preferred, having around the vengeful seductress, Alison, could prove advantageous to the houseguests.

America’s beloved Janelle has won every challenge so far, is the Queen Bee of her alliance, and knows the game inside and out. Her downfall? These contestants won’t be fooled by her looks, as they were last year, and they want the strongest competitors gone. I would fully expect Alison to stay another week if Janelle wasn’t pushing so hard for her eviction. While the house is split on who to vote out, expect Janelle to get what she wants.

Although tomorrow’s eviction will be the highlight for most, I’m more excited to see what Julie has in store for us. A new hairdo? Maybe give us a little less robot, a little more human? Will she break her “But first!” record?… Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’m just excited to see what will cause the Chenbot to malfunction this time.

By Intern G. Steiner