Broadband Rollout Plan Draws Major Press in Nation’s Capital


The FCC’s never-ending rollout of its national broadband plan is drawing major press coverage in the nation’s capital.

It was above the fold on the front page of the Washington Post, and the FCC’s official rollout of the plan March 16 at its public meeting will be streamed live on C-SPAN.

At about the same time, NPR’s Diane Rehm Show will feature a debate on the plan among Free Press Policy Director Ben Scott and Project and Freedom Foundation President Adam Thiere.

The commission has been vetting the plan with Hill staffers for weeks, and gave the entire plan to Congress this morning so as not to interrupt their St. Patrick’s Day plans.

It had originally been scheduled to go to Congress Feb. 17, but that date was put off for a month, though the FCC in the interim has released scads of working recommendations in speeches and workshops and briefings all over town.

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