Blaming the Filter


We have a saying back in my hometown of Scranton, Pa.*: Don’t hate the playa—hate the game. But when it comes to the much-maligned mainstream media, haven’t we had more than enough game-hating?

I’m with my colleague John Eggerton: When politicians attack the press as a devious “filter” that stands between them and the American people—as Gov. Sarah Palin did once again in last night’s vice-presidential debate—they sound “more petty than populist.”

Palin sounded the same note again in an interview today with Fox News’ Carl Cameron in which she took particular aim at CBS News’ Katie Couric.

Debating the fairness of media coverage is legitimate and worthwhile. But politicians take it up at their own peril. No one likes a whiner.

(*I’m actually from Detroit, but in this election year, we’re all from Scranton!)