Bewkes Confident in Tsujihara, and Warner Bros.' Bench


A week after Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes ended the months-long waiting game by naming Kevin Tsujihara the new CEO of Warner Bros., he had to answer to analysts who wanted to know how the new chief would lead a company that includes two execs — Warner Bros. Television Group president Bruce Rosenblum and Warner Bros. Picture Group president Jeff Robinov — who were passed over for the top job.

Bewkes pledged his support for Tsujihara, noting he thinks the former Home Entertainment Group exec will do a good job bringing together Warner Bros.’ television group, theatrical group and digital and home video businesses.

“I chose him because he’s got the greatest breadth of experience across Warner’s businesses,” Bewkes said on Time Warner’s fourth-quarter earnings call Wednesday morning.

He also pointed to Warner’s strong group of executives, calling out Rosenblum and Robinov, and expressed confidence in those three working together going forward. But Bewkes also alluded to the deep lineup of execs waiting in the wings, should Rosenblum or Robinov choose to bolt.

“I think all of those execs, including Jeff and Bruce, have very strong benches of people beneath them as well,” he said. “And Barry Meyer deserves a lot of credit for creating this situation — we’ve got really a strong next generation coming at Warner’s and all of them are young enough to go pretty long.”