Beware the Bogus KLMT


It appears a get-rich-quick outfit is looking to capitalize on the trust people seem to have with local news. Lost Remote unearths a fictional “KLMT” station website, where a “35-year-old news veteran” by the name of Katie Wilson reports on how some people make enough money from Google’s AdSense program to quit their jobs and work solely from home.

The would-be station’s branding is KLMT3 and its tagline is “Your Local News Station.” The site offers local weather and the pictures of four “anchors” on the top, along with categories such as Sports and Entertainment. Wilson even mentions a news director by the name of John Beamer who assigned her the piece. The site has several typos, which, sadly, does not make it that much different from a lot of TV Websites out there.

Clicking on any links on the home page — Sports, Weather, etc., — brings one to a promotion called Google Money Master.

There is an email for our 35-year-old news veteran Katie. I dropped her an email. I’ll let y’all know what she has to say.