Between Two 'Big Swinging Anchors'


Campbell Brown offered a commentary on the Bill O’Reilly/Keith Olbermann feud/non-feud (or is it a non-truce truce?) on her CNN program Tuesday night that seemed to be intended as tongue-in-cheek indictment of media navel gazing.

“As hard as we’ve tried to,” she said, “we can no longer ignore what is happening among some of our cable news colleagues. They are at war.”

Brown never mentioned either man by name, instead calling them “big swinging anchor number 1″ (Olbermann) and “big swinging anchor number 2″ (O’Reilly).

“This war has become so brutal, so ugly,” she explained, that a truce was brokered between the anchors’ respective bosses at GE and News Corp. - to no avail apparently.

“Now the big swinging anchors are at war once again. Don’t laugh people this is a very important story,” she said, wagging her pen at the camera. “The New York Times has been covering it breathlessly.”

And since Brown is sandwiched between those “big swinging anchors,” she was forced to state the obvious.

“Those big swinging anchors have ratings that are a lot bigger than mine,” she said. “So out of respect for the big swinging anchors at the competition, we’re going to wish them all the best with all our hopes for a peaceful resolution.”

Or not…

Wars can be good for ratings. Olbermann and O’Reilly have both been posting strong numbers since the brouhaha re-erupted a couple weeks ago. On Monday night, O’Reilly’s show had its best demo numbers for the year, breaking 1 million viewers in the 25-54 demographic, and pulling in 3.8 million total viewers.