Best Political Team, Apply Directly To The Forehead


CNN observer of the passing parade Jack Cafferty is like that cable net's own version of John Stewart, ready and willing to arch an eyebrow or two when the network gets too full of itself.

I have noted before that CNN's Wolf Blitzer lays on that "best political team on the planet" stuff pretty thick and far too often. I think it is part of a grand plan to convince viewers that CNN won't be outsecuritied or outtroopsupported or outanythinged by its ratings-leading competition, Fox News Channel.

Whatever it is, it is getting to be as tedious as that "Head On" commercial.

Enter Jack Cafferty, whose eyebrow arching morphed into all-out rebellion of a gentle sort Thursday. Cafferty, whose tolerance for the phrase appeared to be at an end, called "embarrassing" the "shameless promotion about this political team."

Not to be dissuaded, Blitzer responded, with emphasis, that Cafferty was still "part of the best political team on television."

Saying something over and over again doesn't make it true. I'm not sure it isn't true, but beating me over the head with it does not make the case, and arbuably weakens it. It smacks, as I have said, of the desperate, which CNN doesn't need to be. At least I don't think so.

PS: Enough of "between Iraq and a hard place" anywhere on TV. It has been done and overdone.

By John Eggerton