Best job ever!


Other than my own, of course.

I just happened to be cruising around on this site – Andrew Hudson’s Job List, which lists all sorts of jobs in the Denver area – and I came upon this:

Anchor/Reporter – they actually need two of these, by the way


Anchors newscasts.

Contributes story ideas and attends story conferences.

Writes script for stories/Edits newscast copy.

Interviews appropriate people to cover news stories.

Enterprises and reports daily news stories for on air and online.

Writes scripts for stories and reviews material with editor.

Develops special assignment series as directed by the Executive Producer and Producers


Minimum 3-5 years broadcast experience.

Must have previous anchor experience.

Must have strong writing skills.

Must be able to video edit stories from desk top

Experience with photography helpful

Must have web writing skills

Must have demonstrated newsroom leadership skills

Must provide resume tape to be considered.

To apply, send your non-returnable resume tape to:


Attn:  VP/News Director

500 Speer Blvd.

Denver, CO  80203

We recognize and appreciate the benefits of diversity in the workplace.  People who share this belief or reflect a diverse background are encouraged to apply.

Here’s why this is a great job: You would get to live in Colorado’s front range – and I’m definitely biased about this – but it’s the BEST PLACE TO LIVE EVER. And you would get to work for KUSA, which in my opinion is the station’s strongest market. It is owned by Gannett, which has been forcing employees to take furloughs lately, but the economy has to improve some time, right? And Denver hasn’t been as hard hit by the economy as many places, so while the housing market is down a bit, it’s not a mess.

If you apply for this job and you get it, you have to call me so that we can have lunch and celebrate. And so that I can pick your brain about what’s going on in the Denver news market. Good luck!