Besmirched SpongeBob?

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An early report on CNN suggested that Nickelodeon's SpongeBob had been giving the single-finger salute to Boston police and Homeland Security personnel.

Let me explain.

Parts of Boston were closed down Wednesday afternoon after some suspicious packages were placed in various locations, including under bridges.

It appears to be a hoax, with one of CNN's broadcast affiliates–either WHDH or WCVB–reporting that the packages contained circuitboards with lights, with cartoon figures–SpongeBob was fingered in the report–supplying the rude salute when the package is opened.

Subsequent reports suggested that perhaps SpongeBob was being besmirched, and that the character looked more like one of the Mooninite Maurauders from Adult Swim's Aquateen Hunger Force. Plus, there may be more such devices in other cities.

Not funny, whoever did this, not funny at all given the world we now live in.

By John Eggerton