BC Review: Diane Sawyer's Debut on 'World News'


Diane Sawyer made her World News debut Monday night.  The following are reviews from around the Web, compiled by B&C.

“Diane Sawyer was all business on a busy first day as anchor of ABC News’ flagship evening newscast on Monday, save for a brief salute at the end to Charles Gibson, whose retirement opened the job for her.”

-David Bauder, The Associated Press

“Ms. Sawyer waited longest of all for her turn in the evening news spotlight. It wasn’t hard to believe her when she smiled knowingly at the camera and said, ‘Good evening, and it is so good to be here with you tonight.’”

-Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times

“Nothing in the program threatened in any way Sawyer’s reputation as a network wonder woman. She called upon her years of experience and her ineffable charm not only to report the news, but to put it over with panache.”

-Tom Shales, Washington Post

“Shown mostly in tight close-up, Sawyer made a strong, if over-animated, debut.”

-Robert Bianco, USA Today

“He was smooth and steady throughout. There was nothing overtly said or done to signify that it was her big premiere.”

-Chuck Barney, Mercury News

“The network need not have been so shy: Diane was just fine.”

-Verne Gay, Newsday

“She slipped into her new role quietly. And graciously, too.”

-Matthew Gilbert, The Boston Globe