Barry Meyer: Stripping 'Jay Leno Show' In Primetime Not Good For Network Image

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NBC’s decision to strip The Jay Leno Show in the 10 p.m. timeslot is not ultimately good for its brand, Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Barry Meyer said during a keynote Q&A at the Broadcasting & Cable/Multichannel NewsOnScreen Media Summit Oct. 21 in NYC.

Because NBC has been known for its scripted, high-produced programming at 10 p.m., like Warner Bros.-produced ER, Meyer said having strip programming in primetime long-term is not a good decision.

He does understand why the network gave it a try, however.

“The Leno experiment is an interesting one for the network if you really can get the viewer to buy into the strip model,” he said. “It’s a very compelling business model short-term.”

Having strip programming in primetime, Meyer contends, is bad for the image the networks see themselves as having, and diminishes the impact that the high-quality dramas that traditionally have occupied that space have on popular culture.