Baltimore Sun Scribe Offers Blueprint For Local Channel

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There’s an interesting essay from Dan Rodrick in the Baltimore Sun, in which Rodrick outlines exactly what a local TV station would look like if he was running the show.

Rodrick, a radio host and Sun columnist, writes:

I wish one of the corporations that owns a television station in the Baltimore market would try something new and daring: A complete lineup of locally produced, local-interest reality shows of substance, parochial character and humor. It would improve the outlook for local television, localize the reality format and be a service to the community.

Do we really need four local TV news operations, all doing primarily the same thing?

Rodrick sets a schedule from 5 a.m. until midnight, with local newsmakers, local musicians, local schools, local sports action and local comedians–all in HD. There are no newscasts, per se–only cut ins.

Rodrick writes:

Once upon a time, before the national television networks offered more content, the local affiliates had to produce their own programs to fill their schedules. It’s time to do that again, and do it with excellence. 

See what you think.