Backlash Begins Over Fox Layoff Show Idea


Nothing says “seize the moment” like a reality show in which people — real cash-strapped, mortgage-wearied people — vote each other out of work in a recession-era Survivor. That’s the synopsis of Fox’s new Somebody’s Gotta Go, which is currently in production. If it sounds somewhat unseemly, the blogosphere agrees.

Bloggers comments ranged from disbelief: “This is a really heartless and cruel and stupid idea. I cannot imagine any way in which this could be considered entertaining.”

To angry: “I think the contest should center around firing one of the Fox employees that had a hand in creating this stupid show. I for one will not watch this garbage.”  To “take to the barricades”: “I wish everyone would boycott this show and not watch it, to send a message to TV execs that not everything can go on TV. Shame On You!”

Fox’s justification is that the show is about internal dynamics and office politics and that it will empower employees. All of the small businesses that will be featured on the show were already in financial trouble and need to make a job cut.

The network isn’t divulging much in the way of details or when the show will debut, but it will be hosted by a yet-to-be-named business expert who will help companies make the necessary cuts to stabilize their balance sheets.

But, thus far, the Internet-surfing public isn’t buying it. Out of hundreds of comments from a varied sampling of half a dozen sites that reported the story, no one seemed to think the show was a good idea. Maybe a message to the Fox programming department is being sent: something’s gotta go.