The 'ATHF' Bomb Scare: One Year Later


How time flies. It was only a year ago that the city of Boston was thrust into chaos when a viral marketing campaign for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie was mistaken for some sort of nefarious terrorist plot.

Signs with an LED character from the show were placed around Boston, and concerned citizens alerted the police, who dispatched bomb squad technicians to the sites.

Ultimately, Turner, the parent company of Cartoon Network, agreed to pay the city of Boston $2 million to offset the costs caused by the campaign.

Now, it is easy to be a backseat driver here. 10 cities had these promotional signs, and only Boston flipped over them. Was it an overreaction? Certainly, though I suppose you can never be too cautious.

The point is, I thought the stunt was over, done, never to be heard from again. I thought future marketing campaigns would probably consist of sending wads of meat to reporters… though some would probably confuse that for some sort of biological attack, reporters aren’t always good at “getting” jokes.

At any rate, some marauding fans (Get it? No? Never mind) have decided to commemorate the event by, yes, making more LED Mooninites (below) and in some cases placing them around the city of Boston. Make Magazine, originally suspected of placing the LED signs, and later vindicated, has an excellent overview.

                                              (Make Magazine)

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So whaddaya say commenters? What are you doing to commemorate 1-31-07?