Army Wives: Lifetime

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A stereotypical sudser that wants to be "From Here to Eternity" but feels like "All My Children: Military Edition." (Variety) “If you like Lifetime, you'll probably love this one.” (TV Guide) “The obvious, soapy stories plod along at a too-languid pace, leaving talented actors in their wake.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) “Television needs a stronger series on the subject, and military families deserve something better.” (Orlando Sentinel)“While lacking the satirical humor of "Housewives" and the edge of "Unit," the show is serviceable in its storytelling, quite well-done in its production and better than well-done in its acting.” (San Jose Mercury News) “Army Wives” is by no means a perfect show, but there’s a lot of potential material in the lives of these women.” (Chicago Tribune)  Army Wives" is better than it has any right to be. (Chicago Sun-Times)  “With a little tweaking, the series just as easily could be set in some large corporation, or on a college campus, and engage most of the same interpersonal issues — what women do for men and for one another.” (Los Angeles Times) "Army Wives" is a series that sucks you in on the strength of its characters.” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
“The intimate moments have a gutsy realness, and the central characterizations are bedrock enough to sell us through the stereotypes.” (Newsday) “the show succeeds on a number of levels and builds on a well-crafted premise pilot.” (Hollywood Reporter) “he writing's crisp and the acting is first-rate.” (New York Post)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd