Armed and...


Armed and "Vaguely Recognizable" maybe, or "Armed and Differentially Forgetable," or "Armed and Who?" But "Armed and Famous?"

CBS is debuting its new reality series, Armed and Famous, on Jan. 10, featuring a collection of people who have appeared on TV or sung some things or done other stuff going through police academy training–the actual thing rather than the film series–before being turned loose on the streets of Muncie.

They are sort of celebrities, but "famous" sounds like P.G. Barnum trying to convince those suckers that he had the only two-headed calf in captivity.

OK, Eric Estrada was on TV and I have heard of him, and LaToya Jackson is related to other more famous–or infamous–Jacksons.

but, quick, who are Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, and Trish Status. Both are famous as measured by the CBS promotion department.

By John Eggerton