Apparently, We'll Always Have Paris


CNN cut away from programming yesterday, albeit a rambling interview with Bill Cosby about kids and violence, to cover the arrival of Paris Hilton at its own studios for an interview.

Didn’t the news nets learn their lesson after being savaged over the last Hilton cut-away, though that one was from the resignatoin of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

The CNN cameras slavishly followed her from the limo through the door and into the elevator as the channel hawked the Larry King interview with Hilton to come.

It reminded me, bizarrely, of the footage of Lee Harvey Oswald on that fateful Dallas day, though if it had been happening today, networks would probably cut away to Hilton.

I didn’t stick around to listen to Jack Cafferty, the channel’s resident reality check, but I hope he gave the channel heck.

CNN anchors have become increasingly sheepish about having to act as though what happens to Paris Hilton actually matters except to her family and friends, but the news nets have pretty much all been following her like sheep.

I don’t know whether this says more about news nets or our appetites for the vapidly entertaining, but both of us should be ashamed.

By John Eggerton