Anderson Cooper Worth More Than Bill O'Reilly?


At least according to the latest auction estimates.

Not since the days of TV’s Bat Masterson (even before my time) has a cane featured so prominently in a TV show. But even so, Dr. Gregory House’s ever-present walking stick from the Fox hit has been put on the auction block (he won’t be going far in that psychiatric hospital he just checked himself into anyway).

The cane is just one of a host of TV-related items up for bid at, the charity auction site. The auction in question is for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

At press time, the bid on the cane and a set visit with the House cast was a whopping $20,500, though still not as whopping as the $27,500 bid for a meet and greet with Oprah.

The auction ends May 28 for anyone interested in a dance lesson with former Dancing With the Stars contestant Jason Taylor ($500), dinner with Bill Cosby plus four bottles of wine from his cellar ($2,350), a tour of Wisteria Lane ($1,000) or a pair of Larry King’s suspenders.

There are quite a few TV news-related “lots,” including on-set visits with everyone from Bill O’Reilly ($1,555) and Anderson Cooper ($2000) to Matt Lauer ($900) and Melody Hobson ($150).

According to a spokesperson for the center, which carries on the legacy of service of its namesake, Robert F. Kennedy, the money raised will be spent on helping hurricane survivors in the Gulf Coast, victims of violence in Darfur and farm workers.

It is the third annual auction, with TV-related items representing about a quarter of the total of 125 or so lots.

All those figures were as of Tuesday afternoon, so if someone has bid up O’Reilly or Melody Hobson of Good Morning America since then, my apologies.