And Even More From the--Decidedly Uneventful--VMAs


Jessica Simpson's dress–not to mention her hair (unless that's a wig)–is VERY short. This morning's headlines blared that she'd lost her voice, and it does seem pretty raspy. The pussycat dolls take best dance video…and talk too much.

Ok, honestly, it's not all hype–youtube may actually be killing mtv's video star, um, quality. Ok Go-the band that blew up on the site with their treadmill-hopping dance, just successfully replicated it live to a big crowd reaction. It was real and very cool–can't have been easy to pull off. And for the second time tonight, an announcer just said, "what's going on with Paris? I need her backstage."

She's now on stage in a dress reminiscent of Madonna's puffy white "like a virgin" getup from MTV circa about  20 years ago (Madonna pulled it off better).

Nick Lachey and Nicole Richie present best pop video to Pink for "stupid girls"…is Nicole not the exact kind of chick Pink makes fun of in that video?

Anyway, midway through and the whole thing's disappointingly uneventful. All very scripted.

By Anne Becker