"Anchorwoman turns out to be entertaining–even as it indicts the local TV news operation it pretends to value."(New York Daily News)"The producers do a nice job of developing characters and delineating the conflict. It’s so good that, with only a few tweaks here and a little better dialogue there, it could rival "The Office" as a faux documentary."(Hollywood Reporter)"It’s got some charm and there’s some humor here, too–mstly at Jones’ expense. But seriously, don’t you have something better to do tonight?"(Newsday)" Anchorwoman is the sort of trailer-park television you wouldn’t mark your calendar to watch each week, but if you channel-surfed across it, you couldn’t help but watch."(Washington Post)" Actually, this comedy-reality concept is rather quaint."(Variety)" Jones plays her clichéd role to the hilt, which is clear early on, when she paints her toenails pink while driving her car."(Boston Globe)"Hr stupidity’s a put-on (for her sake, I hope so), as is this entire show, whose concept is so convoluted that Fox had to devise a clumsy new term–"a comedy/reality hybrid"–to describe it."(New York Post)" The result is a "partially scripted reality show" (whatever that means) that edits scenes so as to make people look ridiculous while clashing over artificial constructs."(Chicago Sun-Times)"Anchorwoman isn’t much of a reality show, because most of the conflict is contrived."(Chicago Tribune)" I just wanted everyone, including Jones, to rise up as one and throw the cameras and the whole Anchorwoman concept out of the newsroom and back to whatever airport strip bar provided its genesis."(Los Angeles Times

Compiled by Bryon Rudd