Anatomy of a Media Star

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It’s been interesting to watch the progression of the three New York girls who uttered the word “vagina” in school as they stepped onto bigger and bigger media stages this week. In case you missed it, three teens from Westchester County—Elan Stahl, Hannah Levinson and Megan Reback—went against school rules and stated the V-word while reciting a passage from The Vagina Monologues during a performance last Friday.

By Monday, their proposed suspension got headlines on Cablevision’s hyper-local News 12. By Tuesday, the Big Three stations in Manhattan were on the story (the girls reside about 50 miles north of Manhattan). And this morning, the trio got to harmonize on the phrase “my vagina’s country” while speaking with Meredith Vieira on Today.

The Katonah-Lewisboro school board is to meet next week to decide the girls’ fate; should they get the suspensions initially meted out, perhaps they can use the break to embark on some sort of national tour.

By Michael Malone