America’s Next Top Model: Take Two For NYC


Auditions for the next installment of America’s Next Top Model are returning to New York this Saturday, April 11 The CW says. The network is expected to confirm the exact venue later this week.The news is notable because the previous New York audition, held last month, turned into a near riot, with 3 people arrested and six others injured.

Now the ANTM crew is back, but armed with some new rules to help prevent a repeat of March 16 model melee (a day after the Ides of March. Coincidence? I think not.).

For starters, no one can line up overnight. The line for potential cast members will begin forming at 6 a.m., and at 7 a.m. producers will hand out wristbands indicating when their audition time will be. If it falls later in the day, the auditioners are being encouraged to leave and come back later closer to their designated time.

No friends: only people auditioning can stand in line, unless you are under 18, in which case one parent or guardian is permitted.

No jumping in line or holding spots for others, and if you were cut last time around before things got out of control, don’t bother coming back.

To sum up, as the network says in the new rules “Be courteous to others around you.”

Advice the contestants could have used the last time around.