AMC Parodies Obama Weatherproof Billboard

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AMC is parodying the controversial Obama Weatherproof billboard with one of its own featuring Bryan Cranston’s Breaking Bad character. And they’ve placed it right next to the Obama billboard in Times Square, which the White House has insisted the company take down.

The original billboard features an Associated Press photo of the president in one of the Weatherproof’s jackets at the Great Wall in China. The AMC billboard — timed to promote the March 21 third season premiere of Breaking Bad – features Cranston’s terminally ill, methamphetamine dealer Walt White, also in front of the Great Wall. He’s wearing an outerwear jacket with the collar jauntily up — as well as a gas mask.

The Weatherproof billboard’s tag line: “A leader in Style.” AMC’s Breaking Bad billboard uses a variation: “A Dealer in Style.”

The White House has objected to Weatherproof’s use of the president’s image in a campaign to sell jackets. The company promised to cease and desist and the billboard is scheduled to come down Wednesday.

Weatherproof is trying to recruit Sarah Palin to replace Obama as its spokes-model. So far, the former Alaska governor has not responded to the company’s invitation.