Allbritton Plans Local DC News Site


Allbritton, parent company of The Politico website and newspaper and WJLA Washington, aims to launch a well-staffed news site covering local news in the #9 DMA.

Details are sparse, but the New York Times says the as-yet unnamed operation will have around 50 staffers and will share content with its Allbritton media brethren when appropriate.  The top dog will be Jim Brady, previous exec editor at

Allbritton won’t skimp on costs, says Robert Allbritton.

“To really staff it appropriately and make a compelling product is a very expensive project,” Mr. Allbritton said. “It’s definitely an investment in the millions. It’s not dissimilar to what we were looking at when we launched Politico.”

WJLA and Politico share a huge newsroom in northern Virginia.