All the Mayor's Men


The New York Times reports that the minions representing Gotham mayor/B&C Hall of Famer Michael Bloomberg started scoping out the viability of a presidential run some two years ago. But Dominic Carter, the doyen of New York City politics and senior political reporter at cable news channel NY1, says the seeds were planted well before that–and they’ve got it on tape. The day after Bloomberg’s reelection in 2005, Carter says Bloomberg political mastermind Kevin Sheekey gushed, "Wouldn’t it be great if Mike Bloomberg runs for president?" (The Times says Sheekey broached the subject with Bloomberg over steaks and cocktails at Dylan Prime in 2005.)

"He said it with a smile, but I think he was very serious," says Carter. 

While Bloomberg, who of course made his billions in business media, insists he’s commited to his day job, Carter–who’s been covering City Hall for 15 years and likely knows Bloomberg better than some in the mayor’s inner circle–thinks he’ll run for the White House. 

"I’ve always had a hunch, but more and more, it seems to be coming true," Carter says. "History shows that independent presidential hopefuls don’t do well, but Bloomberg’s not your typical politician."