All Coreys, All The Time


You may have read in this weeks magazine about A&E’s new series The Two Coreys, and how it compares to the independent documentary film Corey and Corey

The creators of Corey and Corey have a blog, which they use as a means of attacking A&E for “ripping off” their idea, and where they feature their film. 

Ultimately the issue of whether or not there was plagiarism is still dicey for the moment, as the A&E show has yet to premiere, and as a result there is no way to compare the two. However, I am including below a preview clip of A&E’s show The Two Coreys, a short clip from the film Corey and Corey, and links to both the film’s blog, and A&E’s Two Corey’s site. Examine the content for yourselves, and feel free to comment.

The Two Coreys

Corey and Corey