Ah, Paris in the Springtime


MTV looks to be capitalizing on the writers strike in a very clever way: providing bonus episodes of the popular “reality” show The Hills.

MTV will air eight (!!) bonus episodes of the show this spring. The new episodes will follow star Lauren Conrad as she travels to Paris to work for Teen Vogue at the Crillon Ball (a fancy gala for debutantes). Because really, what intern doesn’t get to go to Paris for work. When I was an intern we had weekly staff meetings in Jamaica.

The new episodes will then return to Los Angeles, where it will catch viewers up on Heidi and Spencer’s relationship, whether they will really get married, etc…

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“MTV is giving the passionate fans of The Hills what they deserve — an extended season to catch up on cast relationships and finally see Lauren realize a long-awaited dream,” said Tony DiSanto, EVP of Series Development & Programming, MTV.  “The success of the series, both on air and online, has been tremendous and as it continues to grow, we look forward to taking this season into the new year.”

While I may not be a fan of the show, lots of people are. It is the number one cable show among viewers 12-34 this year, one of MTV’s key demos. The Hills subsection on MTV.com is also the most popular section of MTV’s Web site, with more than 600,000 unique visits a week.

MTV has not announced when the new episodes will air, but the Crillon Ball was held two weeks ago in Paris, and the editing process on the show looks… comprehensive. I would wager a March or April debut.