Aereo CEO Wants to Hit ‘Every Major City'


Emboldened by Aereo’s victory in federal appeals court earlier this week, CEO Chet Kanojia says the disruptive video service will continue with a roll out that he says will have Aereo in 22 markets by the end of the summer.

Currently available in New York, Aereo will announce its next launch market in the next week or so.

“We’ll make sure we’re meeting expectations in terms of product quality and consumer satisfaction,” Kanojia tells B&C. “But we do want to hit every major city.”

Kanojia saluted the appeals court for displaying what he called a “thoughtful” level of understanding behind Aereo’s technology and operating philosophy, which involves streaming stations’ signals over the air via a giant batch of tiny antennas. “I’m very grateful,” he said.

Local broadcasters are fighting hard to keep Aereo, which does not pay to retransmit their content, out of the picture. The legal battles will continue.

Kanojia won’t say how many New York subscribers Aereo has, and was also mum on the topic of Aereo partnering with cable, satellite and telco operators about potentially bundling its video product with the MVPD’s broadband services-another nightmare scenario for broadcasters.

“With the nature of our company and what we do, there’s a ton of interest in our company,” Kanojia says.

Aereo has a “strict filter” as to whom it might work with, adds Kanojia: “We ask, what is the consumer benefit for working with these partners?”