Adwalk, Don't Run


An on-screen screen plug for a company whose business is plugging things onscreen? That is either the sign of the media apocalypse or just another step down the road to the ultimate melding of marketing and messenger.

Adwalker makes its debut on prime time network TV in an episode of NBC's Apprentice, where would-be apprentices walk around advertising stuff, which is what marketing company Adwalker does.

Adwalkers have been likened, at least in its press release, to "human Teletubbies," or “brand-ambassadors,” to put a pleasanter point on it, who are equipped with high-resolution video screens, front and back, to carry the ad message. They are also equipped with affable personalities, I'm told,  to engage passersby.

Adwalker has had quite a run on NBC Universal outlets, according to AdWalker, including being used to plug Today at the 2006 upfront, plugging prime time for Telemundo, and promoting a local sports show on NBC-owned KNBC.

By John Eggerton