6 minutes, 27 seconds


PASADENA — Chris Rock set his own personal record today by going an entire six minutes and 27 seconds into a panel discussion before using his first "f word."  

While Caesars Palace in Las Vegas had the over-under at 2:37, Rock skated past that mark quickly.  By the four minute mark, the media members in attendance began to get restless and were looking for reasons why. 

A rumor quickly circled that Rock was protesting the CW's decision not put Reba on the fall schedule. 

At the 4:51 mark, CW PR execs were seen rushing into a corner to take a call – which was reportedly from Leslie Moonves, who was wondering what was wrong with Rock and who was going to pay with their job.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Rock came through with a wonderfully-placed expletive, bringing the cheering masses to their feet as CBS and Warner Bros. execs slapped high-fives and Dawn Ostroff came back in off of the seventh-story window ledge.

–Ben Grossman