.2 Network Debut Delayed


The multicast channel .2 will hold off on launching until fall, reports the Columbus Dispatch. The entertainment network has had a few different would-be launch dates, the most recent being April.

.2 parent Guardian Enterprise Group looks like it’s getting a low-interest loan for new equipment from the Ohio Department of Development, reports the Dispatch, as well as a tax credit for job creation. .2 says it inked a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment to air recently released films.

.2 President/CEO Richard Schilg says the channel should have enough affiliates to launch by fall.

The .2 Network (pronounced “Dot Two”) has yet to launch and won’t until it signs up enough affiliates to penetrate 30 percent of U.S. households, said President and Chief Executive Richard Schilg. But Schilg foresees a bounty when station operators realize the value of using the type of plug-and-play programming that he says the .2 Network offers.

“For the first time in 70 years, as a result of multicasting, there are five times as many potential TV stations as before,” Schilg said. “Stations have added bandwidth but are not using it.”

[Full disclosure, I’m quoted in the story.]