‘The Riches': It's Inappropriate Boss Time!


Pop quiz: What's worse than your boss taking off for a week unannounced and leaving you in charge, only to return with a Vegas showgirl wife and demand that you figure out a way to get her to sign a pre-nup days after the wedding?

Answer: When he tells you that he actually wanted your wife.

You are correct, sir!

Doug Rich's boss, Hugh, has been rude, crude and inappropriate throughout the entirety of the show.But it was his flip comment to Doug, "I figured you were never going to hand over Cherien, so . . . " that made me think that this portrayal of the big boss wasn't so far off the mark.We all, for the most part, have stories about the wildly inappropriate comments our bosses have made to us.

I once had a boss instruct me, in a fit of pique, to "edit this email so I don't sound like such a huge SOB. Use those manners of yours." This was to be sent to the head of a foreign bank, an official who well outranked my employer.I had to cc my boss when I sent it. I really appreciated the cushion.

There was the boss who, after I'd been in Boston for a few months, popped in to my office to inquire as to whether I'd become a Red Sox fan yet.When I pointed out that, being from Queens, I was unlikely to switch allegiances any time soon, he shook his head piteously and assured me, straight faced, "Don't worry, you'll evolve."He then walked away before I had a chance to respond.

Some things, you just don't ask your employees.